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2012年4月30日 星期一

Setting Powder Showdownnnn

So I was going through my make up drawer today, and I was thinking, why do I have 3 Maybelline Powders?
So I was comparing them, and I though I might do an showdown on each :)
As usual I will be rating them out of 5 stars :)  
 From left to right: Mellish, Maybelline Pure Mineral, Clear Smooth, Dream Matt Powder
  From left to right: Mellish, Maybelline Pure Mineral, Clear Smooth, Dream Matt Powder
 From left to right: Mellish, Maybelline Pure Mineral, Clear Smooth, Dream Matt Powder

As you can see the Dream Matt Powder is really light for my skin I think, well Mandy bought it so I guess im guna forgive her :P

For me I think I like from ranking; Clear Smooth, Pure Mineral, Maybelline and lastly Dream Matt.
TBH I think I dont especially like Dream Matt is because I havent been using it a lot, and it doesn't match my skin tone :/

Time for Rating

Price: ££
1-5: ***

Maybelline Mineral
Price: £££
1-5: ****

Clear Smooth
Price: £££

Dream Matt
Price: Not sure (was a gift)
1-5: ***

2012年4月23日 星期一



So here is our first giveaway!
Click link to enter and win fab prizes!

click to check out more about the freebies!

The giveaway is open for two weeks, and we think that if you guys like it we would have maybe a benefit giveaway or smth like that! But this would be for more special dates e.g. 200 subscribers or like 50th video or smth!

So join quickily and win loads of great prizes!

Anna xoxo

2012年4月22日 星期日

Revlon Lip Butters

Hola mi amigos/amigas,

So it is review time. REVLON LIP BUTTERS, I have finally got through to do this review coz I have been so busy like no jokes, I havent been using much of these and I bought these in like Feb?
But since I have used these for two months I have decided to do a review on these lovely things :)

So what I think about these lip butters sums up in a few words: Vibrant Colours, Nice Sheer, and very hydrating!
However the only thing I think these could be improved is the amount of product that there is inside these lip butters, because TBH I think that there is a very little amount of product inside. :(
For the price of it though - I think these little lovelies are defi worth it!
I bought 8 of then and 1 Mandy got for me in AUS.

I absolutely love the packaging, I think it looks great, and doesn't look cheap.

There are only 10 shades available in HK, and I thought that the other two colours were not my shade.

Price: £££ (Out of five)
Rating: **** (Out of five)

To see more of these babies in depth watch video that I will soon be posting.
I will be posting a video on these babies soon - so watch out for that :P

So here are some of the pictures I took today of them. :)

From left to right
Creme Burlee, Gumdrop, Macaron, Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait, Berry Smoothie, Sugar Plum, Cherry Tart, Raspberry Pie  

Just from the other angle. 

Until Next Time xoxo 

Minnie Mouse Nails

Hello guys,

So i was just putting these lovely nail stickers (is this how you call it?) I don't know.
But yeah back to my point, i was doing these nails and i was thinking to myself, these look like minnie mouse, with the red polka dots and awesomeness. :P
For the price of $19 HKD these nail stickers I think are absolutely awesome.
Normally I would get the ones from log-on which are more pricey $58-68 HKD which is like what $50HKD more than the ones I got..? wow in £ that would be like £5 difference.
and the ones I got were like £1.99? something like that.
So these ones I got from SASA I think I will defi be purchasing them again. :)
But I have too see how they go, if they are not as sticky, then I will rethink it :P

So here are some pictures of the awesome nail stickers.

The full packet :) 

My Ugly Thumb

After the I put it on

I still have a few left.. :)

The packet - its in Japanese. 

2012年4月16日 星期一

Effie Trinket Inspired Nails

So recently i have been obsessed with the Hunger Games, and I am half way through the second book which i actually find quite amazing, because i never read.
Effie Trinket is one of my favourite characters in the books, and when I watched the movie I saw these amazing nails, and I just loved it so much. It was in the scene where she comes to district 12 and goes picks Primrose's name.

and here is what mine look like.

 the products i used
-skin food pink nail polish/top coat
-GOSH gold cosmetic glitter
-a brush i dont use anymore.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Vid coming up? Suggestion?

Hi Guys,
I am finally writing blogs too. I have been brainstorming some ideas of what video should I do and i came up with the following videos so please comment down below which one would u like 2 see first.
  1. Foundation Routine
  2. Smokey eye
  3. Spring time Look
  4. Katnis "Girl On Fire" Inspired nail tutorials 
  5. Every day holiday make up look
That is all for now but I will be also posting pictures and also review on the product that I got in Australia hopefully ASAP
Thanks for turning in >3
Mandy xxx

Spring Fashion Trends!

Ditch the boring dark colours
and GET pastel colours in the SPRINGGGGG trend


One of my favourite things to do during spring is to COLOUR BLOCK!
For those of you who don't know what colour blocking is.
It is basically.
The colour blocking trend began about a year ago and it literally means an outfit made up of 'blocks' of solid colour. The secret to pulling it off is sticking to simple shapes - think about maxi dresses, pencil skirts - and choosing colours that are opposite of the colour wheel! Try clashing pink and yellow, orange and blue, green and yellow, green and black to create effective colour blocking!

What Spring Trends Do YOU like?
Anna xoxo

2012年4月13日 星期五

March Favourites and Sexy korean stars

March Favs!  <--- Click me.


So I just updated my March Favourites to my youtube!
Next week there will be some SUPER excited news to share with everyone so be sure to check it out! <-- and you will only know this super exciting news by subscribing so you know WHAT exactly is it :)

and I am thinking of doing a music video inspired look. Here are the different choices.

Miss A Suzy - Touch. S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g makeup!

I think this is T-ara but i cant remember. ;(

 4 Minute

4 Minute


Tell me which ones you like in the comment section below!

2012年4月12日 星期四

Affordable Good Quality Make Up Items

Are you sick and tired of seeing people having loads of MAC, Lancome etc. etc. make up?
God how much I'd wish to be one of those girls, but sadly I am not.
I am just a girl that is in secondary school - or high school?
So I guess it is not possible for me to splurge my money onto so much pricey Makeup.

Once in a while I go to MAC, but not often.
Mostly I get my cheap stuff from blog sales, cheap retail etc. (IF you Hong Kong girls want to know where definitely tell me and I can give you some places to shop! - With reasonable price of course)

Anyways back to what I was saying, some affordable make up I would say are mostly from the drug store.
Eye Shadows + Eye related products

----------------------------------------------------Eye Related Products-------------------------------------------------

1. Maybelline Eye Studio Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner

This Gel eyeliner is great for everyday purposes!
Gel eyeliner I would say is easy for people who don't know how to use liquid eyeliner and don't want to use pencil eyeliner - because everyone knows how much pencil smudges! YUCK.
Comparing this to the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner, I think Maybelline does a great job and I actually preferr this formula.

Price: ££ (Out of 5)
Rating: **** (Out of 5)

2. Maybelline Falsies Mascara

 The Falsies mascara is very self explanatory.
FALSIES... great mascara the formula is really nice. Makes my lashes grow instantly - well not grow. But you get the idea.
This is one of the best drug store mascaras Ive used.
I love it and I need to go buy a new one :P

Price: ££
Rating: *****

3. Sleek "Original" Eye Shadow Pallet
Why you should buy this:
1. Nice colours
2. Many of them could be worn every day.
3. Cheap.
4. Stays on nicely.

The quality is alright - in my opinion not the best drug store eyeshadow.

Price: £££
Rating: ***

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance?
Bit expensive but comparing to the Urban Decay this is quite good. But worth the money.

Price: £££££
Rating: *****

If you would like more let me known in the comment section below!
Anna xoxo

LTNP - Long Time No Post!

Hey guys!

So I realise that we haven't posted in like forever!
Well I guess its because we have been busy.
This is quite annoying because as some of you know we have 4 girls that is on one channel!
But by far only im the one who is making videos and stuff. Which is quite annoying frankly.

But I will be updating I PROMISE.

Please give us some video suggestions so we can be inspired and (fingers crossed; inspire you)